Staying in the Helicopter® –The Key to Profitable Growth

It is important, particularly in these times, that as a key leader of your organisation you take time out, step back from the business and review

your strategy. Here is the opportunity for you to take a look at your business from the Helicopter.

Regain your Focus Hone your Business Skills Propel your Organisation

Rarely do opportunities arise where a small group of CEOs and business leaders can spend one day learning how to boost the growth

of their business with one of the world’s leading authorities on business growth.

Now, such an opportunity will exist in Dubai on 19 July.
For one day only – and limited to only 20 CEOs.

A typical outcome from a typical group of Business Leaders on the MasterClass is to predict:

A 40% increase in sales

AN 86% growth in sales

Would this be of benefit to your business?

What makes the program unique?

This highly interactive and participation driven MasterClass is set to stimulate and challenge you to think as a strategic leader. By

incorporating your own experiences and comments linked to those of Roger Harrop, this program will allow you to gain a fresh perspective

on your business and discover how you can signicantly contribute further to the success and growth of your organisation.

Packed with business simulation exercises, group discussions, team sharing, proven real world strategies, practical business models, relevant

stories and simple techniques, this workshop has been carefully structured to ensure there is real action learning – practical and eective.

In this one-day MasterClass, you will learn :


Finding the Purpose –

The Real Objective of your Business

• Getting the big picture.

• What is your business purpose?

• Where are you and where do you want to go?

• Why is knowing the real purpose of the business important?


Crafting out your Business –

Develop a Market Leading Strategy

• Defining your aspirations vs competition

• Obtaining clarity on the shape of business.

• Setting a market leading strategy built on global research

• Learning the three basic disciplines of market leaders:

      - Operational Excellence

      - Product Leadership

      - Customer Intimacy

• Learn how to develop a Stakeholder Power/Interest grid

  and why it’s important


The key to Achieving Profitable Growth

• Learn the secrets and tools to increase sales

  and profits involving less risk, less investment and more

  likelihood of success.

• Finding out the reasons why customers leave.

• Achieving your overall significant sales growth by setting and

  achieving only modest individual growth targets

• The Universal Buying Process (UBP)

• Learn the three golden rules of market promotion

• Take part in a real life case study


Developing your Business Leadership and your People

• People and the leadership of people – the very core of every


• Effective leaders need to look at themselves and their teams from the


• The four areas of team performance:

      - Individual Personal Power (Skills/Profiles)

      - Relationship (Mutual trust/Respect/Support)

      - Leadership (Direction/Structure/Organisation/Motivation)

      - Atmosphere/Culture

• ‘Belbin’s Team Roles’ Model – a whole dimension of team selection

   based ont the individual`s predisposed behavioural team profile to

   develop a truly high performing team.

1. Shaper                                        5. Completer/Finisher

2. Chairman                                   6. Monitor/Evaluator

3. Plant                                             7. Implementer

4. Resource Investigator           8. Team Worker

• Boosting your recruiting success using Roger’s proven methodology.

   (Traditional methods get it right only 2 out of 5 times! )

• The three attributes of outstanding leadership


Profitable Growth MatrixTM - Business Simulation Exercise

Adopting an ideally conservative, view of what you believe is achievable

in a typical company for the next full year financial results, you will

complete a Profitable Growth Matrix™.

To add value to your learning at this Masterclass, you will:

• Receive a copy of Roger’s highly acclaimed book -

  “Staying in the Helicopter™ –The Key to Profitable Growth”

• Receive a detailed Delegate Checklist - acts a gauge of the

  organisation’s growth and a reminder of the action steps to take to

  bring your organisation to the next level

• Complete a Profitable Growth Matrix™ - taking into consideration what

  you believe is achievable in a your company – or a typical company for

  the next full financial year.

This interactive a day is packed with valuable information and practical
strategies for business growth.


Roger spent seven years as Group Chief Executive of a fully quoted, high tech Industrial Instrumentation Group with 12 operations over three continents.

The company was listed in the UK Government’s ‘Competitiveness’ White Paper and gained a reference in the US Forbes magazine as one of the top 100

overseas companies and has been used as a benchmark case study by two business schools on Culture Change and Business Re-Engineering.

He has run businesses for major multi-national companies on four continents and has been a tutor with one of the leading Leadership and Teambuilding

courses for over 25 years.

Roger is an International Speaker who inspires and entertains his audiences with his acclaimed Staying in the Helicopter® series of keynotes, seminars,

workshops and master classes.

Over 10,000 CEOs. business owners, managers and others have achieved
transformational change as a result of working with Roger.

He regularly works with blue chip organizations like Citibank, Telekom Malaysia, Danaher, Steria, Ducab, Barclays, GfK, AirMiles, Vistage, Aggreko, Media

Corp, YPO, CMB Bank and UBS as well as charities, family businesses, SMEs and start-ups.

He has been featured on CNN and TV stations in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.

The fact that we have just had a record year is subustantially down to you, Rogar!

Amit Ruia, CEO, Osan Limited

Without question Roger`s workshops have been the catalyst in enabbling our six operating companies to unlock the door to profitable growth.

Trevor Hebdon, CEO, H&H Group plc

Roger, we have seen a sustained increase in revenues and profits as a direct result of me hearing you speak. Thank you!

Martin Mulligan, CEO, Martin Mulligan Group Limited

For one day only in Dubai:

19th July, 2010
Capital Club, DIFC, Dubai

PLUS Attendees registered for the MasterClass will be invited to meet Roger informally over

drinks the night before the MasterClass at the Capital Club, DIFC. This is a unique opportunity to

‘get to know’ Roger and network with your fellow participants before the MasterClass.

BONUS  Participants in this program will have personal access to Roger for

3 months following the MasterClass. This will enable you to have help and advice on

issues which are specific to your company.

We advise you to book early

Your investment : $2050  - To ensure maximum individual benefit this MasterClass is strictly limited to a maximum of 20 participants.

Your investment also covers the course material, including a copy of Roger’s book “Staying in the Helicopter® – The Key to Protable
, lunch, refreshments – and your attendance at the Pre-MasterClass informal drinks to meet Roger the night before.

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